Other whistlers

There are many other great whistlers… I will start with the ones that I spent the most time with on the trip.

Geert Chatrou is considered the best whistler in the world today. He came 2nd in the 2009 competition :)… and won in 2004, 2005, and 2008. A fellow Dutchman (they must put something in the water!), his classical style is very good. Better than mine since I am more of a blues / pop / contemporary whistler. Chilled out like most Dutchmen – just a really nice guy actually. Put his name in YouTube – lots of very impressive videos of him. I watched a couple with my dad to get an idea of the standard of entrants and he remembers the look on my face saying “oh shit… this isn’t going to be easy”

Eric Gradman was the other young guy in the competition (the demographic is older – so it was Eric and I (and Frank) representing the youth! – apart from the Japanese whistlers who got a clean sweep in the child and teen categories). Eric and I did a whistling duet to Mustang Sally in Baxters Ale House, the coolest bar in Louisburg

Frank Vincent Cox III was a very funny dude who we all got drunk with in Baxters, and generally had an awesome time with… check out his whistling on YouTube here (watch the video, its hilarious!). Also there is a video of him at the convention here.

Jason Victor Serinus is one of the judges whose table I sat at for the closing banquet.  One of the thing that Jason said, among other ways to save the universe 🙂  is that you need to combine musical ability with whistling technique to score highy… so hopefully I did that.

Ron McCroby is a pretty amazing jazz whistler. check out his youtube video here. He could look cooler though. Maybe a new suit and a cool Jazz hat or something!


One response to “Other whistlers

  1. Hi Luke

    Glad to see your blog and keep up with your whistling! Hope there’s much success for you.

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